Another Blatant Sales Pitch

Spring CrocusesThose of you who can’t get enough of my telling you which Cambridge Library Collection books you ought to be reading may be interested to know that we are now tweeting our wares as well as blogging. I can’t claim to have quite mastered the technology, but the ‘address’ is @CamLibColl (at least I think that’s the ‘address’ – which is probably not the right term – and not the ‘hashtag’??), and we already have two followers, neither of which is me. Eat your heart out, Lady Gaga (or is she in fact quite passée already?).


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3 Responses to Another Blatant Sales Pitch

  1. Takao Saito says:

    Dear Caroline

    How do you do.
    Previous mail is I ?

    Best wishes,

  2. Takao Saito says:

    Dear Caroline

    If this title has been written for my homepage then

    It has some reasons for attempt your URL. My homepage is generalized for everyone. So how to access has many ways. For example, you are able to see from search engines. In this time, the searcher have possibility of unknown the URL of Cambridge because of my homepage has independent URL. Now, they will be able to know your site via my homepage. And they are able to participate your blog.

    My homepage is not “sale”. It’s realized on your charity.

    Please understand this things.

    Finally, I hope that this papers are to be your textbook by your organization.

    Best wishes,

  3. Takao Saito says:

    Dear Caroline

    I hope that you send me your message.

    Best wishes,

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