Leonhard Euler – Many Happy Returns

3D front cover of Vollständige Anleitung zur Niedern und Höhern Algebra by Leonhard EulerWe were thrilled today to see the elegant Google doodle marking Euler’s 306th birthday. 

Not that we have always known about Euler – the CLC team doesn’t contain any qualified mathematicians, and were just a bit intimidated when Euler’s Elements of Algebra was recommended for inclusion in the very first batch of CLC titles in July 2009.

Still more intimidating was the three-volume, black-letter German edition from 1796–7 that we reissued the following spring. We should not have worried. Our specialist adviser was on to a winner. The books have been warmly received and have sold very well – the English version is one of our bestsellers.  Emboldened by this success,  later this year we intend to bring out more Euler – this time some astronomical works in Latin.  Watch this space!


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One Response to Leonhard Euler – Many Happy Returns

  1. Takao Saito says:

    Thank you for Euler.

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