16 books related to Sir John Franklin you need to read….

OsbornAfter 160 years there are claims that one of Sir John Franklin’s ships has been found by a Canadian team that has been searching since 2008. The original, intensive search for Franklin’s lost expedition involved huge resources and numerous voyages to the Arctic. It caught the imagination of the Victorian public in a way comparable to how the MH370 tragedy has resonated in our own time. The Cambridge Library Collection has reissued over 30 accounts of the Victorian searches, many of them by participants, as well as Franklin’s own accounts of earlier expeditions, several biographies of the explorer, and the diaries and correspondence of his wife, who pressed for the searches to continue. It will be fascinating to see how the new discovery fits in with the theories being put forward in the early 1850s. 

Watch the the first underwater video of one of Sir John Franklin’s ships that was discovered by the Parks Canada underwater archaeology team: 

Here are the top 16 books related to Sir John Franklin from the Cambridge Library Collection.

16. A Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole 9781108074988

Sir John Franklin, north pole


15. Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1819, 20, 21, and 22 9781108041904


Polar Sea, Sir John Franklin


14. Narrative of Some Passages in the History of Van Diemen’s Land 9781108049757

Sir John Franklin

readmorewhite13. The Life, Diaries and Correspondence of Jane Lady Franklin 1792–1875 9781108075084

Sir John Franklin


12. A Summer Search for Sir John Franklin 9781108071765

Sir John Frankelin


11.  Short Narrative of the Second Voyage of the Prince Albert, in Search of Sir John Franklin 9781108019651

Sir John Franklinreadmorewhite10. Franklin’s Footsteps 9781108048385

Sir John Franklinreadmorewhite9. Reflections on the Mysterious Fate of Sir John Franklin 9781108072052

Sir John Franklinreadmorewhite8. Sir John Franklin and the Arctic Regions 9781108048293

Sir John Franklin and the Arctic Regions


7. The Voyage of the Prince Albert in Search of Sir John Franklin 9781108019668

Sir John Franklin

readmorewhite6. The Life of Sir John Franklin, R.N. 9781108045124

Sir John Franklin readmorewhite

5. Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin 9781108049788 

Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin



3. Hooper Ten Months among the Tents of the Tuski 9781108070836




2. The Franklin Expedition from First to Last 9781108071642

The Franklin Expedition from First to Last


1. The Career, Last Voyage, and Fate of Captain Sir John Franklin 9781108071758

Sir John Franklin



For details of the books, visit our website and browse our Polar Exploration series http://www.cambridge.org/gb/academic/subjects/geography/historical-geography/series/cambridge-library-collection-polar-exploration?options%5B0%5D=Historic%2Btitles


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