Black History Month

DouglassIn our CLC series on Slavery and Abolition, we have a range of books on the abolition struggle (as well as some arguing for the ‘peculiar institution’), including a number of works by black writers. For Black History Month, here is a list of authors, linked either to their books or to more information about them.

William Wells Brown: American slave who attended the 1849 International Peace Conference in Paris.

William and Ellen Craft: who ran a thousand miles for freedom.

Ottobah Cugoano: who wrote to King George III on the ‘Evil and Wicked Traffic of the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species‘.

Frederick Douglass: escaped slave and leader of the American abolitionist movement.

Olaudah Equiano: given the name Gustavus Vasa by his owner, ex-slave, former sailor and campaigning abolitionist.

Archibald Grimké: born a slave, the first African-American to graduate from Harvard Law School, who wrote a biography of William Lloyd Garrison.

Harriet Jacobs: escaped slave who avoided recapture by spending seven years in a tiny room.

Ignatius Sancho: the first black Briton to vote in Parliamentary elections.

Prince Sanders: teacher and advocate of black American emigration to Africa and Haiti.

Booker T. Washington: self-educated writer and teacher.

There are almost certainly more: let us know!




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