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These days, the expression ‘thugs’ tends to be used mostly by tabloid journalists and/or politicians, as one of the many antonyms (cf. bankers, benefit scroungers, tax-avoiders, immigrants) of ‘hard-working families’. In the 1840s, however, it was a frightening word, newly … Continue reading

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The Body-Snatchers

William Burke (1792–1829) and William Hare (dates of birth and death uncertain) had an occupation as well as a first name in common. The were the most notorious of the ‘Resurrection Men’, who made a living from supplying dead bodies … Continue reading

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Taking The Waters

At what point in history did people start to believe that water from one source was healthier than that from another? The Greeks held that particular springs were sacred, the home of nymphs (dwindled local goddesses, according to Harrison and … Continue reading

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Farthest North

One of the most popular subjects in which we publish in CLC is polar exploration. Inevitably, given the time period we cover, most of our books are about the Arctic rather than the Antarctic, though many of the early voyages … Continue reading

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Native Americans, North and South

There is a very interesting (small, but perfectly formed) exhibition on at the National Portrait Gallery in London until 23 June. It consists of some of the portraits painted by George Catlin of the ‘Indians’ of both the North and … Continue reading

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