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Joseph Priestley, Polymath

It was the case a few months ago that Charles Babbage was our only author whose books are reissued in all three CLC colours. But now he is joined at this rarefied level by Joseph Priestley.

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On A Mission

A notable bicentenary in 2013 is that of the birth of David Livingstone. I wrote about Livingstone almost exactly two years ago (without noticing at the time that his birthday was on 16 March). Since then, we have published more … Continue reading

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A Meeting of Civilisations

In the last few days, a British government delegation, headed by the Prime Minister, has been in India, talking trade, visas, and, inevitably, the colonial past.

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The Rolls Series

The Master of the Rolls is, in the British pantomime tradition, the palace cook.  In the British legal system, he (no female has held the appointment so far) is slightly more important than that. The first record of a Master … Continue reading

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Classical Journals

We are in the process of reissuing seven classical journals from the period when the scholarly journal (in the humanities at any rate) was a relatively new phenomenon. The eighteenth century saw the rise of the periodical – though I … Continue reading

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