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A Fortune in the Tea-Leaves

It is a truth universally acknowledged (at least by gardeners of my acquaintance) that Euonymus fortunei and its various cultivars have got to be the most boring plants ever to blight the landscape. (Even the thought of the coyly named … Continue reading

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Archibald and Alicia

It is, I think, fairly uncommon (though I haven’t researched the topic in detail!) for a husband to appear in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography only as an adjunct of his wife. (Reverse examples are of course innumerable.)

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The Last Emperor’s Tutor

If you’ve seen Bertolucci’s film, The Last Emperor (crude dubbing, wooden acting, stunning cinematography), you’ll probably remember the scene of astonishing beauty in which a small, confused, petulant child, bundled in stiff robes, runs outdoors from a darkened hall to the … Continue reading

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Hunting, Shooting and Fishing

A number of the studies of natural history we have reissued in the Cambridge Library Collection have been by clergymen – with Gilbert White of Selborne as the archetype. John Ray, John Stevens Henslow, Adam Sedgwick, John Fleming and William … Continue reading

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He Didn’t Tell the Half of It . . .

Alongside Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, and Storm Nelson, Sea Adventurer, the Eagle comic of the 1950s had a regular non-fiction story – the Lives of Great Men, in strip-cartoon form. (I know that girls were supposed to read … Continue reading

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