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Beethoven And His Nine Symphonies

Sir George Grove (1820–1900) says, in his preface to Beethoven and His Nine Symphonies, that the work ‘is addressed to the amateurs of this country’. Well, you don’t get much more amateur in music than me, so I thought I … Continue reading

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Professor Pepper and His Ghost

I used to love Little Grey Rabbit – calm, loving, domestic, tolerant of the foibles of her ‘family’ of bumptious Hare and vain, petty Squirrel. The book I remember best was Little Grey Rabbit’s Party, in which (the clue is … Continue reading

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The Prince and the Earl

An election happened this weekend which resembled the Roman Saecular Games, in being an event which nobody now alive had ever seen, and nobody now alive would ever (perhaps, but who knows if contested elections will become the norm?) see again. … Continue reading

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The Man Who Knew Everyone . . . And Wrote about Them

We have commented before on what a closed society the nineteenth-century intelligentsia was, with everyone seeming to be connected with everyone else, by blood, marriage, friendship, or as part of a circle of colleagues with shared interests. In the social … Continue reading

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The House of Glass

‘. . . we may safely pronounce that the House of Glass will exist in the annals of history, long after the vaunted pyramids of Egypt, of which the builders and the object are already alike unknown, shall have crumbled … Continue reading

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