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More Than One Genius In The Family

We have recently reissued ‘classic’ biographies of some of the great figures in classical music. The German philologist and archaeologist Otto Jahn (1813–69), whose edition of Sophocles’ Electra we have also published, was inspired to write a scholarly biography of … Continue reading

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A Novelist Writes (Or Does He?)

Up till now, I have never read anything by Stendhal, in English translation, never mind in French. He is apparently regarded as one of the earliest ‘realist’ novelists, but having read the plot summaries of Le Rouge et le noir … Continue reading

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Spohr’s Autobiography

Another life story, set in almost the same period as that of the marquise de la Rochejaquelein, but as different as it’s possible to imagine.  Spohr was performing and composing in the German states throughout the period of the Napoleonic … Continue reading

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Michael Kelly and the Great Little Man

If you’ve ever read anything about the life of Mozart, you’ve probably also read a bit of Michael Kelly, even if you don’t remember him. He was the Irish tenor working for the Viennese court opera company who created the … Continue reading

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